What Are The Benefits Of A Tiled Conservatory Roof?

Built from light weight, thermally efficient ecological layers, our bespoke Insulated Roof System is the perfect solution to solve temperature and noise inefficiency. Purpose made to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, while maintaining its originality by keeping the pre existing roof structure. Any conservatory comes alongside a wealth of benefits from the ability to add a significant amount of extra living space to boosting your property value should you wish to sell up. However, what are the advantages of opting to invest in a tiled conservatory roof?

Comfort All Year Round

With a tiled roof, you will never have to worry about your conservatory being either too hot or too cold down to the weather. You will be free to spend time in your space all year round without having to deal with unpredictable temperature changes. The room will remain nice and cool in the summer and cosy during the colder months, meaning that you have more conservatory use possibilities. If your new tiled roof has inspired you to reconsider how you plan to use your space, then why not take a look at ideal home for a host of ideas on conservatory uses?

Increased Sound Insulation

As mentioned previously, a common reason why homeowners replace their conservatory roof is down to noise. However, due to the nature of a tiled roof, you will be provided with increased sound insulation. The interior of your roof will be complete with plastering just like any other room in your property, which means that outdoor sounds will remain as muted as possible. This means that you can sit back and relax in your conservatory in the peace and quiet, even on the stormiest of days, making it ideal if you are looking to create a home office.

Reduced Energy Bills

Not only are glass or polycarbonate roofing systems culprits for causing an unsteady temperature, but they are also prone to allowing heat to escape. As hot air rises, you may find that you are continually turning your central heating up in a bid to heat your conservatory to the same temperature as the rest of the property. With a tiled roof, on the other hand, your conservatory will have the power to trap heat just as effectively as the main areas of your home. This leads to an immediate reduction in your energy bills, not only saving money but also making your home more efficient, consequently lowering your carbon footprint.


Tapco Slate Effect Tile

Strong, cost effective, recyclable and attractive. TapcoSlate has the random texture and edges of natural slate, with a 40 year manufacturer guarantee.

Breather Membrane

High performance breather membrane for tiled and slate pitched roofs, and pitched supported or unsupported constructions.

Eaves Guard

The Ubbink Eaves protection system is designed to protect the roofing underlay from UV degradation, along with directing water away from the underlay to the gutter.

OSB3 Board

OSB3 board is a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions. Working alongside construction regulations, making healthier home.


Celotex TB4000 is a multi-purpose insulation board developed to provide simple solutions for overcoming localised thermal bridges. Suitable for roof, wall and floor systems.

Timber Batten

Treated counter batten is perfect for creating an air gap below the rafters. High quality treated sawn timber for general construction use. Responsibly sourced.

Insulation Quilt

TLX Silver insulation is a thin, flexible multi-foil roof and wall application. Stops leakage by providing an air-tight vapour barrier, restricting air movement in its multi-foil layers. 

PVCu or Plaster Finish

Two dependable ceiling solutions. PVCu does not absorb water and is easily wiped clean. Plasterboard is an ideal sound and fire-proof lining.

New Fascia & Guttering

Rainwater system providing a clean and simple look, ideal for structures with contemporary styling. The manufacturer guarantees the rain systems for ten years.

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