Free insulated ceiling with either a plaster or PVCu finish included with any Tiled Roof purchase

Insulated Ceilings

As a conservatory owner you will be aware of your conservatories imbalance through summer and winter, along with the impossible chances of relaxing during a rainy night due to the noise. With our insulation system completely overhauling your experience and conservatories pre existing issues it will also transform the room to an ambient home of serenity for all year round use.

Plaster Finish

Plasterboard ceilings are durable and sound proof, along with being fire-proof standard approved and endorsed. Concealing wiring and/or pipes can be an additional benefactor. This also creates openings for various lighting options to create just the right feel of ambience.

PVCu Finish

PVCu ceilings are easy to clean and durable as well as sturdy. Extremely popular by demand due to its ability to be completely permeable, in turn mould and water marks will never be an issue.

Our conservatory insulation system can be installed in glass, polycarbonate, tiled and timber conservatories whatever the shape or size. Many customers have experienced our revolutionary insulated roof system after years of suffering with an outdated conservatory, with an outdated purpose of preserving plants dating back from the 1700s. The 60s saw the development of sunroom structures and the 70s saw the prominent rise of thermal glass. the conservatory industry was revolutionised. Now there is an increasing demand of conservatory owners looking to replace their own 'too hot too cold' conservatory with a economical all year round room.

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